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Wearable X is a fashion tech company bridging design and technology to connect us with a better quality of life.
The Sydney-born, NYC-based company launched in 2013 with a product centered around touch. Fundawear: vibrating underwear for couples in long distance relationships. Done in partnership with Havas for a Durez campaign, the success of this campaign led to co-founders Billie Whitehouse and Ben Moir launching Wearable Experiments (now Wearable X).  
Through the exploration of the intersection between technology and fashion, Moir and Whitehouse worked on many products including Navigate; launched in Sydney, New York and Paris. Following the success of the partnership, they worked with Fox Sports (Foxtel) on the future of fan engagement: The Alert Shirt. Through the engineering of both hardware, software and apparel, The Alert Shirt allowed for true innovation. The industry responded by awarding the product the Best Fan Engagement Award at the 2014 Clio Sports Awards New York. The success of these partnerships led to other brand executions, including campaigns with Oakley, The Store of the Future, and others in both sports and experience design.
In 2016, Wearable X, incorporated to be able to build products for themselves. Fan Jersey (X) was launched at Super Bowl 50 in collaboration with several large consumer beverage brands and was awarded the Wearable Award at Show Room Privee. The EURO Fan Shirt was showcased on the NewsCorp Yacht and the Contagious Villa. This European Football specific shirt was also involved in the Manchester Citizens Weekend where it was tested on up to 3000 children.
In May 2017 Wearable X launched its first direct to consumer product, Nadi X, a line of activated yoga apparel.


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"As a traveler, I'm often in and out of hotels, on and off of planes, and packing and repacking my bags; sometimes my schedule doesn't permit getting to a yoga class that suits my needs. Wearable X provides a 'yoga anytime, anywhere' capability so, no matter how advanced, you'll never have to cheat, or skip, your practice." - Lauren M., @rising_root

"When you’re stuck at the airport or a hotel room, Nadi X offers simple, clear yoga poses accessible on an iPhone app, with help from the subtle vibrating yoga pants. The vibrations remind me to stay present for my entire practice." - Diana P., @dianapaschal

"These pants are the real deal. It's like having the hands-on approach of a yoga instructor with the ability to do high-quality yoga anywhere. These pants are a must next time you hit the road." - Cassidy W., @thewellnessrookie_

"I love how Nadi X makes you more present to your body. It’s like having a hands-on assistant right there with you for each pose. The vibrations are clear and precise with the app, which makes the experience very user-friendly. You feel like you are in good hands." - Amy G., @amyg_yoga