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Nadi X is your personal digital yoga coach, designed to help you achieve your full yoga potential.

With the Nadi X SMART yoga pants, we define the next-generation of yoga wearables, delivering the most accurate data on the market.

Nadi X, by Wearable X, has woven-in technology with accelerometers & haptic feedback around the hips, knees, and ankles to guide your flow with gentle vibrations for easier yoga. When paired with the Nadi X mobile app, visual and audio cues breakdown yoga poses step-by-step with corresponding vibrations directly from the pants.

Nadi X is the first-ever smart yoga pants with washable technology that transforms and inspires confidence in yoga, from beginners to gurus.

Available in Midnight (solid), Midnight (with mesh), Black/White (with mesh), & Navy/Gray (with mesh).

Read about how our technology works here.

Download the app here (currently available for iOS only).


  • Flat seamed
  • four-way stretch fabric
  • level 1 compression


  • Includes "the Pulse" a rechargeable module
  • Includes USB charging cable
  • Includes custom designed storage box

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    Nadi X


    "As a traveler, I'm often in and out of hotels, on and off of planes, and packing and repacking my bags; sometimes my schedule doesn't permit getting to a yoga class that suits my needs. Wearable X provides a 'yoga anytime, anywhere' capability so, no matter how advanced, you'll never have to cheat, or skip, your practice." - Lauren M., @rising_root

    "When you’re stuck at the airport or a hotel room, Nadi X offers simple, clear yoga poses accessible on an iPhone app, with help from the subtle vibrating yoga pants. The vibrations remind me to stay present for my entire practice." - Diana P., @dianapaschal

    "These pants are the real deal. It's like having the hands-on approach of a yoga instructor with the ability to do high-quality yoga anywhere. These pants are a must next time you hit the road." - Cassidy W., @thewellnessrookie_

    "I love how Nadi X makes you more present to your body. It’s like having a hands-on assistant right there with you for each pose. The vibrations are clear and precise with the app, which makes the experience very user-friendly. You feel like you are in good hands." - Amy G., @amyg_yoga