The latest yoga experience through personalized technology.

The REAL TECHNICAL APPAREL with embedded sensors and guidance through vibration and audio.

The first ever gentle wash tumble dry smart apparel

Guidance through vibration and accelerometers around the hips knees and ankles teach you yoga step by step.

A private yoga experience on your own terms.

Our Technology:

We have integrated accelerometers (sensors that read your body orientation) and haptic feedback (vibration) into the fabric which enables Nadi X to guide your yoga flow and detect your pose. 


  • "the Pulse" a rechargeable device 
  • USB charging cable
  • Includes custom designed storage box

  • Flat seamed
  • four-way stretch fabric
  • level 1 compression

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    Nadi X


    "As a traveler, I'm often in and out of hotels, on and off of planes, and packing and repacking my bags; sometimes my schedule doesn't permit getting to a yoga class that suits my needs. Wearable X provides a 'yoga anytime, anywhere' capability so, no matter how advanced, you'll never have to cheat, or skip, your practice." - Lauren M., @rising_root

    "When you’re stuck at the airport or a hotel room, Nadi X offers simple, clear yoga poses accessible on an iPhone app, with help from the subtle vibrating yoga pants. The vibrations remind me to stay present for my entire practice." - Diana P., @dianapaschal

    "These pants are the real deal. It's like having the hands-on approach of a yoga instructor with the ability to do high-quality yoga anywhere. These pants are a must next time you hit the road." - Cassidy W., @thewellnessrookie_

    "I love how Nadi X makes you more present to your body. It’s like having a hands-on assistant right there with you for each pose. The vibrations are clear and precise with the app, which makes the experience very user-friendly. You feel like you are in good hands." - Amy G., @amyg_yoga