Are the Nadi X pants washable?

Yes, your Nadi X are safe to hand wash!

Is there a newsletter I can sign up to for future products?

Yes! Sign up to be an Xperimenter to be the first to get the lowdown on all things Wearable X, and to join us for events / retreats / Xperiences! Sign up here

How do the Nadi X pants work?

Nadi X yoga pants are embedded with technology that communicate with your Nadi X phone app through Bluetooth. The pants take data from five points on your body to detect which position you are in. Gentle vibrations then give you directional feedback and bring awareness to the micro muscles that should be activated during that pose.

How do the vibes feel?

A gentle, encouraging massage! Subtle vibrations guide your body through directional pulses that come from embedded panels in the hips, knees and ankles to bring awareness to the parts of your body that need support in specific poses.

How can Nadi X help me?

Nadi X are designed to enhance your yoga flow by providing feedback that has been compared to “the touch of an instructor” in your pants. App features including pose instructions, guided practice, and yoga flows curated by top instructors allow for deepening your at-home practice, as well as complimenting group classes for personalized attention, wherever you go!

Having an issue trying to place your order?

Tell us what's happening. Chat with us or drop us an email at hello@wearablex.com, and we'll be happy to help!

How long should I expect to be waiting for my order?

We are working really hard to get your Nadi X to you as quick as possible! Orders will be shipped mid August. Hold tight and your pre order will be with you very soon! Be sure to sign up as an Xperimenter to stay in the know on all things Wearable X in the meantime!

How can I cancel my order?

Awh! We would hate to see you let go of your Nadi X, but we will be happy to help you should you have to cancel. Contact our team at hello@wearablex.com!

Can I modify my order?

Of course! We want to get the right Nadi X to you so that you can enjoy them to the fullest. Just contact us via chat or via email at hello@wearablex.com.

Is there any way of fast-tracking my order?

Absolutely! While we offer free ground shipping on all orders in the continental US, you can select our express shipping option to quicken delivery for a fee.

Is Nadi X stocked in any retail stores?

Our new website is our home for now, but sign up to be an Xperimenter to be the first to know about our plans for retail (including pop-ups!)

Is there anywhere I can try these before purchasing?

Yes! We would love for you to come and visit us in our studio. Book an appointment with us and we will give you a full Nadi X demo

How does the 5-day return policy work?

Email us at hello@wearablex.com and we will be happy accept your return once your pants are in the original condition and within 5 days of receipt :)

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Can I wash this product?

Yes, your Nadi X are safe to hand wash!

Will these be made available for men?

We're launching with Nadi X Women for now but our men's range is in development stage so we hope to have it ready soon!

Will these be made in different lengths?

The length is part of our launch style. We have plans for many new styles in 2018, stay tuned!

Do these fit true to size?

Yes - we have made our best efforts to ensure they fit true to size. Check out the sizing guide here to find what size will work best for you!

Will these be made available in any other sizes?

We really appreciate your suggestion! As Nadi X is a new line, we have launched with a select range of styles and sizes as a test. It is absolutely on our radar to expand offerings and maintain a mindfulness to size inclusivity.

What size is the model wearing in this photo?

Aditi is wearing a size small here, and she is 5'7''

Is there any other products within the Nadi x range?!

The Nadi top will be out very soon and they look great together - Hold tight!

Will you be making these for any other types of exercise?

Our current range is focused on creating good vibrations for yogis, but we will launch our other verticals in 2018. Our brand is about using touch technology to enhance an experience, and we want it to become part of daily life

Do these work without connecting the battery to the pants?

Your Nadi X have been designed so that they can be worn with or without the battery but they get their energy from the battery when it's connected and charged!

My battery doesn’t charge when I connect it?

A red light will indicate that your pulse is charging. Please make sure the micro USB is securely connected to the pulse, and the computer is not in sleep mode.

How do I know when the battery is fully charged?

The indicator light on your pulse will turn green

Can the charging cable be replaced?

Sure thing — any micro USB cable should do, but email us at hello@wearablex.com if you'd like to purchase one from us.

Can the same pulse be used for different pairs of Nadi X?

Yes! You can purchase individual pairs without the battery (affectionately known as "the pulse")

Is there any way of strengthening the vibrations?

(Luckily) Every human body is different and every skin experiences the vibrations differently. You can adjust the strength of vibration via the app. If you're still unhappy with the vibration, it might be that your body doesn't fit the size you have chosen for the best Yoga experience possible. You can drop us a line at hello@wearablex.com and we will be happy to figure out which pant size would be the best for you.

Are these waterproof/sweat proof?

Of course! We understand sweat is part of the process so your Nadi X are safe to hand wash and aren't shy of a little perspiration!

Can the vibration panels be replaced if they break?

Sorry that is not possible. The Nadi X pants are designed to give you the maximum quality and safety possible. That is why we have designed the pants in a way that they are fully waterproof, so you can wash them and use them in all ambient conditions. Nevertheless, we would be happy to receive a feedback on how the breakage happened, so that we can optimise the design. Just drop us a line at hello@wearablex.com

Is it possible to get another care guide?

Nadi X should be treated with love and care - download your care guide here