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The Nadi X experience offers you yoga on demand based on integrated sensors and haptic feedback. Enjoy and improve your yoga, no matter if you're at home, in the park, traveling or warming up for your next training session.

“The pulse was surprisingly comfortable. I took this to a class to really test it and it didn't come off and I barely noticed it was there, Nadi X has used human centric design and has a haptic technology platform that is transformative for yoga and beyond.” 

- Nadi X owner Noah Heller, Managing Partner and aspiring yogi, 3rodeo Venture, LLC

"As an engineer, I love the design of the module and how easy it is to clip on and start practicing. It’s amazing to see how the app detects my poses on the back end."

-Nadi X owner @beonk, Engineer



Accelerometers: Have you ever wondered how your smartphone detects the difference between portrait and landscape mode? It's basically the same principle that we are using to detect the yoga poses. Tiny motion sensors, so-called accelerometers, are able to determine their orientation and the orientation of the device they are built in. They do so by detecting their position in x-, y- and z- direction relative to earth's field of gravity which is a constant acceleration towards the centre of the earth. When you change the orientation of the sensor, it will sense gravity from a different angle and the 3 axes will change their values accordingly.

Haptic motors: These small devices create vibrations by spinning a mass. They are very common in smartphones and smartwatches.

Pulse: The Pulse is the heart and brain of Nadi X. It contains the battery, the microcontroller and the bluetooth module. We have worked with leading industrial designers to create a design that is not distracting you during your yoga session and fits the style of Nadi X. It connects to the pants with the help of four metallic studs which also sustain the electrical connection to the sensors and haptic motors.

Lithium Polymer Battery: The 370 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery delivers enough juice for about 3 yoga sessions and can easily be recharged via micro-USB.

Host Plate: The Host Plate is a customised connector to attach the Pulse. It is water proof, so you don't have to worry to wear Nadi X in the rain.