Xperimenter Hannah Faith Lord, a creative director + photographer with a passion for art & fashion, takes Nadi X to Joshua Tree National Park for a session and a little adventure.

See the series of photos by the talented photographer and hot yoga enthusiast followed by a few questions we asked her!

WX: Tell us a little about your wellness practices!

H.F.L: As far as wellness goes... Eating for me is specific only really during the week. I don't eat any meat and I don't ever buy dairy but I'll eat it out. I've tried to go completely vegan but it's hard to do that with how fast pace my life is so I just cut it out where I can.  I consume a lot of veggies and fruits to keep my energy up and use protein power, flax and chia seeds in my smoothies as well.

WX: What about workouts?

H.F.L: I usually work out every week morning for half an hour of circuit training mixed with some yoga.  Hot yoga is my favorite. I always leave feeling lighter and brighter (and sweaty as heckaz)!

WX: What do you think about Nadi X?

H.F.L: I want to be better at yoga and that is why I love Nadi X–it's like having your own personal yoga instructor with you at all times. Posture is a huge part of every yoga pose and it's hard to know when you're doing it wrong. Nadi X is definitely a game changer for the beginner yogis out there and even the legends. Maybe I'll start wearing Nadi X all day long so I'll have better posture in general life haha!