Jersey X

Feel the rush of the game!   


Become part of the excitement as every major play reverberates on your skin.
Connected wirelessly to your phone, Jersey X lets you receive real time haptic vibrations so you can feel the excitement of every highlight in the game.

Jersey X communicates interceptions, turn overs, touchdowns, fumbles from the other team, Red Zone plays, and more — putting you front and center with the game no matter where you are.



Wearable X also launched Football Fan Shirt for European League fans, giving fans the sensation of the game on kicks, penalties, fouls and off-sides.



The ‘Alert Shirt’ is a fan jersey that uses wearable technology to take the experience into the physical world, allowing fans to feel what the players feel live as it happens during the game.



We:eX was brought on board to merge hardware, software and apparel design for a seamlessly integrated experience. With the newly launched Alert Shirt, the company weaves these three elements together with real-time sports data, which is transmitted via a smartphone app to the electronics within the jersey. The Alert Shirt then converts the data into powerful sensations that simulate live sports action.

“Your favorite fan jersey just got technical. Alert Shirt is completely unlike any other jersey in the sports market,” said Billie Whitehouse, Designer and Director, We:eX. “Wearable technology must be intuitive and seamless within our daily lives, enhancing our life experience while connecting us to other people and the world at large. Our new product is a major first step in the right direction.”

"We:eX has created a product that allows Foxtel to engage people via television in entirely new ways. By embracing this new technology, Foxtel is setting itself apart from all other cable TV companies,” said Ben Moir, Co-founder and Technical Director, We:eX. “Alert Shirt is about connecting humans across vast distances and bringing the emotions, frustrations and joys of the active game to life in a way that we've never been able to experience before."

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