In partnership with Spectrum Ergonomics, Wearable X conducted a 4 week pilot study with participants who identify as having lower back pain. Over the course of the 4 week pilot study participants had weekly visits with the physical therapist who evaluated their wellbeing & form. Throughout these four weeks participants were asked to perform a Nadi X Chair Pose three times per day and to complete a daily form to evaluate their performance and wellbeing, answering a series of Likert scale questions about their pain levels using the Oswestry Lower Back Pain Scale, range of motion, and lifestyle questions.


Participants who took part in the study averaged a 16% decrease in their Oswestry Low Back Pain Score. Women in the study had an average decrease of 20% change in Oswestry Pain Functioning over the four weeks. Participants noted an average 36% decrease in their score on the sleeping section of the scale. The study also showed an average 9.5% decrease in pain scores on the Social Activities section of the Scale.

 Nadi X reduces lower back pain

Participants were asked in the daily form, their confidence in doing Chair pose with & without Nadi X, noting the benefit of the technology to support their lower back pain recovery.  “I liked knowing that I was in, or not quite close to the pose” Participant 3.


“We are delighted to share the results of the first pilot study with Spectrum. As the results are exciting. I personally suffered from lower back pain during the pandemic where we all became more sedentary” States Billie Whitehouse CEO Wearable X. “Sitting has become the new smoking. Thus what's important is giving people the ability to feel confident in their physical therapy practices which is why Nadi X Smart Yoga Technology easily applies to this space.”


“In the study we selected the Nadi X Chair Pose as the repeated physical therapy posture. This pose in  utilizing the core muscles, can also help with static balance as the core muscles surround the body’s center of gravity (COG).  Since humans are moving quite frequently, the COG does change and the stronger the core muscles the more control we have over larger fluctuations in our COG. this enables better balance with a more stable lumbar (low back) spine.”  - Jeff Hiserman, PT & Founder and CEO Spectrum Ergonomics and Occupational Health Services.


Read more about our study and results in EC Orthopaedics here. EC Orthopaedics (ECOR) is an international, scientific journal that aims to cover all the aspects of orthopaedic surgery and treatment. The journal encompasses and targets all the issues relevant to basic and clinical research with regard to musculoskeletal issues.


What is Nadi X?

The Smart Yoga System includes app & yoga pants with embedded technology. The pants have the ability to identify the pose the wearer is in and then provide real time feedback through gentle pulses that draw awareness to the the focal points of each pose. Nadi X is accompanied by a companion iPhone app and battery, also known as the “Pulse”. The Pulse clips behind the upper left knee and powers the sensations in the pants. 


What is Spectrum Ergonomics?

Physical Therapy practice and consulting firm run by Physical Therapist, Jeff Hiserman. Jeff has nearly 40 years of experience (over 30 years in Occupational Health), and has treated thousands of patients with neurological and  musculoskeletal dysfunctions (MSDs). ​​Jeff is a full member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, certified in Lifestyle Medicine and Hand and Upper Extremity Manual Therapy, Editorial Board member of the Journal of Ergonomics and EC Orthopaedics, andHonorary Rosalind Member of London Journals Press.


About Wearable X:

Specialising in unique, innovative, and compelling combinations of hardware, software, and apparel design, Wearable X is a modern luxury lifestyle company, weaving together fashion and technology run by Billie Whitehouse. Currently based in New York City, Wearable X was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2013 and is rapidly becoming a leading global brand. One of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in Fitness. Billie was named the winner of the Innovation Design Award by Fashion Ground International. Other products created by Wearable X include, Durex Fundawear, NAVIGATE (an urban wayfinding jacket), and the Fox Alert Shirt.