Wearable X featured in the 17th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale!

Title of the Work: Wasted Time, 2021

Description: Wearable X specializes in integrated electronics in apparel that help the wearer feel through haptic technology. This form guiding technology is transformative for the industry. Wearable X asks that its customers return their products to them at the end of their life so that there is reduced Ewaste. This space showcases the electronics used by Wearable X. Designed to ask you to consider what you do with your electronics and how to create experiences that span over time.

Materials: Recycled leggings & electronics on canvas, Chiffon, Mixed Media

Courtesy of: Billie Whitehouse & Madeleine Gong for Wearable X

Exhibition Dates: May 22nd - November 21, 2021


The journey of Nadi X is displayed through various artistic elements. The sheets of chiffon hang in the middle, reflecting the projected dots to illustrate the movement of Wearable X technology. On one wall, the journey is displayed through sketches made and different electronics and materials used. The facing wall is made up of deconstructed Nadi X leggings to create new art.

Our exhibition showcases the lifecycle of Nadi X. We encourage our community to send their Nadi X back to us when ready for a new pair. The returned leggings are then repurposed into art, as shown in our space in the Palazzo Mora. This is an important experiment in recycling electronics and clothing for art.


Images of the exhibition Copyright © Federico Vespignani