Let's be honest: We've all been guilty of Instagramming our food. And with Summer coming up, those glorious poolside cocktails give us all the more reason to pretti-fy our feeds. To help you get that perfect shot, we worked with Truly Spiked & Sparkling put together some quick tips on getting the ultimate Insta cocktail shot - even without a filter. 

GARNISHES - Take an ordinary drink and dress it up with colorful fruits or veggies. You can even freeze them to double as ice cubes! 

FLORALS - Think of snagging some dainty flowers or leaves (make sure they're edible) to dress around the ice. 

FABULOUS STRAWS - Find a bold or beautifully decorated straw to sip your creation. A black and white straw with a funky print can top off your cocktail with the perfect touch.