When it comes to centering our focus and destressing, meditation is our number one go-to. But did you know it actually has real benefits for your skin? 

Skin cells are constantly renewing themselves, and in doing so flourish when nutrition and stress levels are balanced. We've all experienced a less than amazing complexion when we're feeling especially overwhelmed, and it's no secret why. High levels of stress contribute to the onset of acne, wrinkles and dry skin. 

To manage this, wellness experts encourage daily meditation to promote healthy skin growth and cell renewal. Our bodies physically manifest our emotional and mental well-beings, so it's crucial to nourish ourselves from the inside out.  Create a soothing environment and engage your senses in calming tactile sensations like vibration, just like those found in Nadi X, and prepare to meditate to a calmer inside and out. 

So go ahead and add meditation to your daily beauty routine; both your mind and skin will reflect its amazing benefits!