Achieving mindfulness is more than just internal - it's learning to attach to your surroundings in a peaceful and meaningful way. To help achieve that sanctuary in your own home, lifestyle expert and bicoastal stylist Natalie Decleve gives us tips on carving out your very own meditation space. Check out her advice on creating that sacred energy, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @wearablex as Natalie does a takeover next week! 


"Having a set time everyday is super important to establishing space in your practice," said Decleve. "Carving out time in the morning before you read your emails, for example, is key to setting the tone of the space you choose."


Finding a designated spot that's decluttered and relaxing; it could be an entire room, a corner in your home or an outdoor space. "The space should be quiet and comfortable, and could be anything from a cushion the floor or the corner of your bed - whatever feels right to you, just make it consistent" said Natalie.  


Once you've chosen your spot, it's important to add elements that create an inviting atmosphere for all of your senses. "Burning candles, sage or Palo Santo wood help set the mood," says Natalie. "I personally love Modern Ritual candles, each one comes with their own audio meditation(remove practice) based on an intention." She also recommends having earbuds or meditation music nearby to center your clarity. "I love the Insight Timer app's guided meditations, or finding Kundalini kriya's on Spotify.  

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