Just because you aren't able to take a ton of time to travel (hello jobs, we're looking at you), doesn't mean you can't make the most of a short getaway. Check out some ways to make a short few hours feel like a luxury jam-packed get away. 

TAKE THE CHOPPER - Depnding on where you live, taking a helicopter ride upstate can be the ultimate way to transport you to your destination. Luxury liners like Wings help make that happen, making the journey alone seem like a vacation unto itself. I mean... did we mention the Instagram pics you can get from this view? 

RETREAT YOURSELF - Find a luxury retreat in your area that accommodates your every need - from relaxation to wellness and everything in between. These all inclusive getaways make you feel like you're far away, especially when you're being catered to. If you're in the New York area, the Nadi X Retreat at Gurney's in the Hamptons is coming up - and we can guarantee you'll feel a million miles away right at home. 

FIND YOUR CITY OASIS - Sometimes all it takes is a simple change in surroundings to do the trick. Find a local yoga studio or meditation center with calm surroundings to plan your weekend around. For those in the NYC area, Skyting (which has an infared sauna) and WOOM are both relaxing and visually appealing options. A personal retreat can be a reality, even if its close to home.