While we all recognize yoga for fostering balance and alignment, there are also many benefits that serve you intimately. The art of Kundalini yoga blends spiritual movements, dynamic breathing and meditation to build conscious vitality. This practice charges sexual energy - and has the potential to transform your intimate life. 


We compiled a Kundalini routine that will awaken you, your partner & your body will thank you for.


While lying flat on your back with your arms alongside your body, slowly lift your legs and inhale as they rise straight up. Slowly lower them while exhaling, keeping a very deep conscious awareness of controlled breath. Keep the legs parallel as they left and lower.  


While kneeling, slowly raise your arms and move all the way back, arching your back and reaching for your feet. Let your head stretch as far back as it can. Breathe slowly and deeply, while keeping your thighs squeezed in towards eachother. Hold 30 seconds, and as you release to sweep your arms back slowly inhale.


Sitting in a cross-legged position with hands on your knees, begin making sweeping circles at the base of your torso. Move your navel to the front, side back and opposite side, while breathing rhythmically as you complete each cycle. This opens your hips and gets blood flowing to your lower pelvic region.