When entering one of the factories, you are first greeted with signs of what and how this particular building implements and improves on with their sustainable practices. There are no plastic bottles allowed! Glass bottles are used throughout the entire company and are refilled with clean water and recycled everyday. Recycling is everywhere, and each employee has access to properly dispose of their waste. Even if someone forgets, the garbages are sorted out at the end of the day.
Our factories takes care of each of their employees, providing transportation to and from work. Free food is available at all the cafeterias in case anyone forgot their lunch or is trying to save! For anyone who has to work really late, they provide housing service, and of course to and from transportation.  
Healthcare? You betcha! For everyone.
Education and training is always provided to help not only the whole company but the community.These factories are constantly helping rural communities throughout Sri Lanka. If there is an area that is in need, Our factories will bring work over there. They open whole factories there, providing sanitation, electricity, education and training!