Today marks a special day for us at Wearable X — it's our first year celebrating International Yoga Day with our newly launched Nadi X, the first line of activated yoga apparel that brings awareness to your form with embedded technology. 
We've have been incredibly lucky to work with some of the leading yoga instructors in the world to develop Nadi X, and they continue to teach us so much. In a recent workshop, we asked them to share what they felt was most special about Nadi X, and here’s what they had to say:
Aditi Shah 
“Learning proprioception - where your body is in space - is a valuable part of a yoga practice. Part of how this skill is developed is through hands-on, tactile adjustments. In group classes, I can't adjust every student in every posture. Nadi X is exciting because it offers the potential for students to learn their bodies on their own. I have been a part of this journey with Wearable X - testing everything from the fit of the clothes to the vibration sequences.”
Amy Guiliano
“As an instructor, I’m so excited to be involved in the development of Nadi X because yoga is about getting to know the small areas of your body that we sometimes forget to pay attention to. It's about using your whole body a little bit rather than one part of your body a lot! The gentle vibrations in Nadi X are revolutionary because it is the first product to support peoples practice in this way.”
Mietta Gornall
“Nadi X brings something truly innovative to an ancient and wise practice. I did my yoga teacher training in Thailand and would have loved to have had this product with me post learning so that I could deepen my practice during my travels.”
Feel the vibes and take your very own yoga instructor along with you anywhere you go, buy your Nadi X here