As much as we love traveling, the stress of jet setting can leave our bodies feeling a little stressed. Between the pressure of arranging plans and long rides in airplanes, it doesn't take long before aches and pains may start to set in.
To minimize that, NYC based yoga instructor Aditi Shah offers these life saving tips to keep the stress at bay - letting you enjoy stretch the most out of your travel plans.


"I like to begin with a warm up or sun salutations. Sun salutations include alternating forward and backward extensions, energizethe body and tone muscles, organs and the spinal column," says Shah. "Starting in this way opens your body to any deeper subsequent poses."



After being in the air, it can feel calming to the nervous system to feel our feet on the ground. Even simple standing postures such as tadasana, virabhadrasana 2 or trikonasana can be effective. "Be sure to distribute weight evenly through the feet, spread and relax the toes and feel the body rooting down."


"Travel can sometimes adversely affect our digestive systems. Twists are a great way to invigorate the digestive organs and also stretch muscles along the spine." While sitting flat, cross one leg over the other, twisting your torso in the opposite direction. This creates a deep stretch to the upper abdomen and back muscles. 


"Sitting for long periods of time can often lead to back pain, neck tension and hunched shoulders," says Shah. "Even the gentlest of backbends can help to open the chest, shoulders and throat." 


Last but not least, every good yoga practice incorporates a final resting posture. Before taking on a traditional savasana, Shah suggests trying viparita karani, or legs up the wall, to ease lower back pain, relieve any swelling in the feet, reverse the blood flow in the body, and allow the legs to rest.