Once the clocks rolled us into 2017, many of us set resolutions - vowing to commit healthier choices and ditch bad habits. But this isn't always the most mindful road to transformation. We spoke with Jen Kluczkowski, Founder/CEO of Mindfresh, about a new way to commit to your goals, and it involves setting intentions.

Jen Kluczkowski, Founder/CEO of Mindfresh


"Moving throughout our days intentionally ensures we're always heading in the right direction.  When setting intentions, I suggest bringing others into the equation since it can provide additional layers of accountability + inspiration," says Kluczowkski. "If someone important to us benefits from our intention too, it's makes it easier + more exciting to live it every day."  

Each morning as soon as you open your eyes, think about what you want to accomplish today + who it will help if you do.

Set an intention by drawing awareness to gratitude, love, or self connection - focusing on the journey rather than the goal.

Commit to a realistic lifestyle changes, and incorporate minor daily transformations that will help you slowly realize your progress.

Involving others in your journey helps the intentions become less overwhelming, and connects us to a larger purpose and awareness.

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