If CES is an indication of what's the come, one thing is clear: The future is female - and it's smart AF.
The Consumer Electronic Show is 50 years old, a mature and yet still relatively antiquated when it comes to the ratio between men and women. With this in mind we came together to celebrate women in technology. Refinery 29 is 11 years old and the readers are changing their lives as they get older. With this in mind the technologies for these women have changed. See our best in show list of technologies from fertility tech, aromatherapy tech, travel tech and much more.
Our very own Nadi X is a line of yoga tights with embedded technology in both the pants and bra. The technology recognizes the pose that you are in and assist the wearer with haptic feedback or directional vibration on how to move into the pose correctly. The bra also has a meditation feature that encourages the wearer to be focused on their inhales and exhales.
Tap is a platform that allows attendees and staff at large scale events to get accurate, real-time insights on all points of engagement.
The Q Braclet doubles as a cell charger, making sure you're never left in the red.
Play your ovulation cycle by ear: The Yono earbud predicts your fertility cycle and homonal health.  The first in-ear basal thermometer keeps fertility tracking and BBT charting seamless and effortless. The YONO fertility thermometer is the only wearable earbud to measure Basal Body Temperature, which may be used in predicting ovulation, natural family planning and understanding female hormonal health. YONO provides a seamless and effortless solution to get your BBT data. Simply wear YONO earbud during sleep - everything else is taken care of by YONO! Free YONO Fertility APP compatible with iOS phones.
The 4moms self installing car seat adjusts automatically, leaving you and your little one worry free.
The self installing baby seat created by non other that 4 mothers. The 4momsTM self-installing car seat installs itself correctly by automatically leveling and tensioning, verifies installation before every ride, and then continuously monitors its status during use to ensure it is always correctly installed, giving you complete peace of mind every time you put your baby in the car.
Keep the sting away with Buzzy, an all natural pain blocker.
Buzzy® is a breakthrough pain blocker that provides natural pain relief in seconds. Buzzy® was invented by Amy Baxter M.D., emergency pediatrician and pain researcher. Buzzy® helps with cosmetic injections, IVs, burning from medications, and even muscle soreness.
Safety comes first with Siren, an alert ring that sounds an alarm in dangerous situations.  
This ring discreetly houses a startling, unbearably loud alarm that can be activated in less than 2 seconds. SIREN may serve as a powerful deterrent during the first few critical moments of an attack, or whenever you feel a protective advantage is necessary. Simply twist the top of the ring 90 degrees and not only does it make a noise defining sound but it also send a pin of your location.
Swarovski Crystals collaborated with Muse heart to create a multi-functional smart ring that offers heart-rate monitoring, photography remote control, and a connected cloud platform among other features.  
Nadja Swarovski and her team have invested heavily in young up and coming designers, sustainability and women. Including an energy harvesting crystal, Touch Crystal, and Display-Changing Crystal. Muse Heart smart ring is a multi-functional piece that offers the following: heart rate monitoring, photography remote control, one-key loving code, one-key SOS, call reminder, phone locator, and Morse Code. The users of Muse Heart are connected with each other over a strong cloud platform which creates an interactive and interconnected society of users.
Kuri makes home life easier with his smart activated voice control for music, thermostat and light adjustments.
Not yet released, this new device will operate a smart home similar to the Amazon Echo Dot with intelligent voice activation. Ask for the weather, news, music, light control, thermostat, etc.
The Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR helps wearers stay equipped by connecting to an IoT cloud platform.
The Vitruvi Ultrasonic Diffuser is founded by Sara Panton and Sean Panton a brother and sister team who believe their products should be multipurpose and should be good for you and the planet. They source traditional essential oils from over 30 countries and formulate them in contemporary ways for every facet of your dynamic life. From waking up, working at your desk, creating your own skincare or washing your dishes - We help you weave the science and benefit of scent and essential oils throughout your days.
The HelloMind app answers a series of questions and then has the choice of 250 different guided experiences. Leveraging a proprietary technique known as “Result Driven Hypnosis,” HelloMind creates deeper, more impactful change on a person’s psyche than possible with conventional psychology by focusing on self analysis.
URB-E is a foldable, compatible electronic scooter to keep urban dwellers on the go.
Made with airplane grade aluminum, The URB-E is redefining scooters. It is the FIRST metro compatible and folder scooter for all urban dwellers. URB-E can travel up to 20 miles per hour, charge multiple devices from its battery bank, and includes a handle for easy carrying.
The EO2 art frame makes gallery art accessible to everyone, moving it from the museum to your home.
Social media for art. Refinery29 created a collection on Electric Objects, and displayed across EO2s, for their CES exhibit. How? They created their own art, uploaded it to their Electric Objects account, and displayed them on EO2. The R29 CES playlist will be featured in the EO app so everyone, at CES and beyond, can enjoy their collection.
Through pairing the app with your personal set of smart luggage, Raden allows you to use location detection, manage the weight of your baggage and lock/unlock from your phone. Mezi is your personal travel assistant.
Raden - Raden delivers a seamless travel experience by pairing the world's best materials with technology. Through pairing the app with your personal set of smart luggage you can use location detection, manage the weight of your baggage and lock/unlock from your phone.
Mezi - Tell Mezi where you'd like to go and enjoy end-to-end travel assistance, from booking your flight and hotel, to reserving top restaurants and entertainment, to taking care of cancellations or changes to plans along the way. Right there in real-time with you.
Sensoree MoodSweater
The Moodsweater’s high, cowl-neck collar is embedded with LED lights that bathe the wearer in biofeedback while simultaneously communicating emotion to others. Located around the larynx, the visual interface creates a new form of speaking. SENSOREE’s GER sensor promotes extimacy – externalizing intimacy by relaying feelings to the outside world through the language of light and color.
Also for the fashion forward was Armoire - is a “closet as a service” for busy women, providing an endless stream of high-end, everyday rental clothes that are tailored to customers’ preferences. Using machine learning algorithms, Armoire takes the hassle out of getting new clothes by curating personal style recommendations. You simply choose clothes from the manageable and personalized selection, wear as long as you want, then exchange for a new set of clothes. Armoire makes it easy to look great – with constant wardrobe variety and minimal time investment. A special offer for our bosslady readers - fill out your style form here, and use promo code REF29 to get an extra item in your first send.
Twist adapts your light to your life, helping you sleep better and wake up more energized.
Twist Light and Twist Speaker are the first adaptive lighting products that mimic the sun to help you sleep better and wake up energized. Through simple, easy-to-use technology, Twist light bulbs blanket your home in dynamic, healthy lighting and multi-room wireless audio.
Netamo Healthy Home Coach
Netatmo Healthy Home Coach measures the vitals of your home and alerts you when something needs to be fixed. Air quality level, humidity, temperature, noise, you know precisely how healthy your rooms are. Thanks to its easy App you know at a glance if your home is healthy or not. You get notifications when something needs to be fixed and advice on what you can do to get a healthier home.
Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff Activity Tracker - Rebecca Minkoff has been a trail blazer when combining the physical and the digital. Reconnect to real life, while staying connected to your virtual one. This leather double-wrap bracelet looks like a piece of jewelry, but that pretty stone buzzes your wrist to notify you when something needs your attention. You can customize those alerts to specific contacts, or have it warn you when you’re getting too much screen time. And yes, it’s a fitness tracker, too.
Rebecca Minkoff Charging Tassel - Never be without a charge again. This leather tassel cleverly has a USB and iPhone cord designed into it, so you can give your phone a boost wherever you are. Clip on to your bag on those crazy, on-the-go-days (read: every day).
Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie Case - Bright idea: a phone case that helps you take the perfect selfie. For real. This case features GE lighting all around the edges to brighten your mug at the push of a button. Duck face never looked so gorgeous on you.
Kate Spade & SOI Light
Everpurse x Kate Spade - You know that one spot at home or work where you always place your bag? With Everpurse, that special place now keeps you charged all day long. Place your handbag on top of the mat to recharge your bag. In the morning, slide your iPhone into the SmartPocketTM. Everpurse keeps you charged on the go, so you can charge ahead.
SOI handbag light - All the women know this issue. They love their purse, often it's huge. And they can't find what they're looking for in this bag. That's where SOI comes into play. SOI is the automatic handbag light. No buttons or switches. It illuminates automatically when you're searching for something and then goes off automatically, once you have found it.
Thanks to all the amazing women-led companies who partnered with us in this event; the future is looking better than ever.
Shell by BellaBeat
The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
EO2 Frame
Everpurse x Kate Spade
SOI handbag light
Rebecca Minkoff Activity Tracker
Rebecca Minkoff Charging Tassel -
Rebecca Minkoff Glow Selfie Case
Sensoree MoodSweater
Netamo Healthy Home Coach
Vitruvi Ultrasonic Diffuser
HelloMind App
Kuri Robot