Lacey was born and raised in the small quaint town of Montauk, New York. She swears that the ocean surrounding her sparked her love affair of travel. She is a yoga studio owner and has taught yoga her own yoga retreats globally since 2016.

She is also a certified health coach and pilates instructor. 

Lacey spoke with us about her wellness routines as well as the future of Yoga with Nadi X. Continue reading below for all the juicy bits!


LD: I can see Nadi X being a life savor when it comes to yoga. I think that a large majority of people will skip their yoga class but because they fear not practicing the pose correctly, even if they are at a higher level in their practice. This is a real fear and it forces people to skip all together on this practice that could potentially save the connection between their mind and body. Nadi X will help those people feel comfortable in a class setting because they will have the courage to practice, knowing that they will be silently guided in the right direction the entire class. It is like a private session. I love that, and I think its the future of mat classes.

WX: Tell us about your daily wellness routine or tips/ simple practices anyone can implement to benefit their wellbeing?

LD: This is a great question, as I have recently found an awesome routine that works for me. I took part in a Shred 10 program (you can read more about it here

It focused on eliminating the toxic load on the body, while adding over 50 raw dehydrated fruits & veg in capsule form in the morning, plus two gluten free, dairy free shakes per day. There ctwere many other requirements for the program, like exercise, meditation, etc..

After the 10 day program, I lost weight, I gained control of my eating habits, and my skin cleared.

Since, I have pretty much adapted these practices into my daily life.

I never go a day without these capsules, or a shake. I love the simplicity of it, and knowing that I am flooding my body with quality nutrition before 8 AM. If you can implement the addition of incredible sourced fruits & vegetables, then the elimination of the toxic additives will come naturally. I no longer crave it.

I also will never go a day without some sort of meditation or exercise. This can be as easy as a walk, a little yoga, or some self practice reikii. The mind is just as important as the body and it is so important that it is treated as such.

Lastly, I set goals. And I begin immediately working towards them. Whether its personally, at work or at home. I have found that success lies in reaching your goals. And it feels incredible when you commit to a goal and you get there yourself. There is nothing more empowering or inspiring. 


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