Meet Xperimenter Georgina Pazcoguin, The Rogue Ballerina.

Altoona, PA born ballet soloist, Broadway dancer and a woman of many facets, Georgina is New York City Ballet’s first Asian American, let alone Filipina American woman, ever to be promoted to an upper tier.

We got Georgina & Nadi X together, because yoga is for everybody! So how exactly can Nadi X help dancers like Georgina? 

The Rogue Ballerina told us, "The stresses of Ballet on the body are many and I use the practice of yoga to not only calm the mind but also cross train my instrument to continue to hit the stage at 100% , Rogue Ballerina style! With Nadi X you can bring awareness to your form, which is exciting because it can help dancers achieve the benefits of yoga anywhere at anytime!!". 

Georgina will be taking over our Instagram story on Thursday, September 28th & Saturday, September 30th.

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Don't miss the opportunity to get a first hand insight into The Rogue Ballerina's routine, personally guided by the Georgina herself!