Meet Cass Wendell, aka The Wellness Rookie. As a health coach, blogger, event planner, and consultant, Cass is as impressive in person as she sounds on paper.

But what we love even more about Cass is her down to earth personality and realness. In her own words, "I've never had a 6-pack, I don't eat kale everyday, I can't do a pull-up, and I have no idea where to find half of the ingredients Gwyneth Paltrow talks about... But what I do know is how important one's mental, physical and spiritual health is to their overall well-being and quality of life."

We recently caught up with Cass to hear her how she got started in the wellness biz, advice for aspiring fitness bloggers, and why she loves yoga on the beach with Nadi X.

WX: We love your tagline “rookie advice from a wellness expert”. Tell us a little more about what The Wellness Rookie stands for.
The Wellness Rookie: As we go through life, we always have to adjust. Pregnancy, injury, age, weight gain, and weight loss are just a few of the changes life can throw our way. Therefore, we're always learning and looking for ways to stay healthy, happy, and how to live well. The Wellness Rookie is a platform dedicated to just that - to give women the rookie advice they need from the wellness expert they can relate to, no matter what change life throws your way.

WX: How did you get started in the wellness industry?
The Wellness Rookie: When I was 22 years-old, my dad passed away from a serious stroke. Being an emotionally closed-off person to begin with, I needed an outlet and I needed one bad. So, I began blogging as a way to cope with my grief. At the time, I was actually working in sports marketing and started to feel like my career was pointless. I didn't want to help people market their car dealerships at a football games, I wanted to help people on a deeper level and be a driving force in something meaningful. I began by ramping up my blog and connecting with more people on topics that actually mattered. Shortly after, I quit my corporate job and became a certified personal trainer and health coach. Although I'm no longer coaching right now, it is one of the driving forces behind my story.

WX: What’s your favorite way to stay active?
The Wellness Rookie: If it makes me sweat, I will do it! But, if I had to pick just one thing it would be trail running on the mountains of Montana. Bear spray and all ;)

WX: Nadi X yoga pants have woven-in technology for easier yoga wherever you choose. What do you love about Nadi X?
The Wellness Rookie: One of the best thing about my business is that I can do it from anywhere, so I tend to travel whenever I can. Nadi X provides the hands-on help of a yoga instructor with the convenience of a phone. I can literally 'get my flow on' anywhere!

WX: What advice do you have for aspiring fitness bloggers?
The Wellness Rookie: Stay authentic, be consistent, and foster your community! There are so many "bloggers" in the world, especially in health and fitness space, that aren't providing value to their readers. So really think about what sets you apart and how you can use your platform to help and connect with others, rather than making people feel inferior.

WX: Your best wellness advice in three words… GO!
The Wellness Rookie: I'm going to cheat and do four... "GIRL, get after it!"


Photos by Diana Davis Creative