Stress happens to the best of us, and quieting that inner voice of anxiety can sometimes seem daunting. The good news is, it's easier than you think - and to help you get in the habit of meditation, we broke it down some easy steps to get you started. Mindfulness is closer than you think; and these tips will get you on the road to inner peace. 

1. START IN A QUIET PLACE: This can be a room in your home, an outdoor setting, or any dedicated space that creates a relaxing environment. It's key to return to this place constantly during your meditation routine to form the habit of focus. 

2. SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: Visualizations are a powerful way to bring a sense of calm, so imagining objeects like a flower or the ocean can help usher in your inner peace.   

3. KEEP ROOTED: Sitting with a straight posture is the most commonly recommended body position while meditation. Relax your arms by your side, and keep your back straight and shoulders rolled back. This stillness will help center you and keep your mind from wandering. 

4. JUST BREATHE: It's important to be mindful of deep, natural breaths that lead you to a state of relaxation. Slowly breathe in and out, observing the patterns of your breath and allowing the energy to flow. 

You can meditate anywhere from 10 minutes to multiple hours - the length of your practice is determined by you and what feels right. It's important to feel physically and mentally comfortable, and be present in all your experiences.