You don't need to tell us twice to ditch the studio and head to the beach for our next yoga session. Besides getting the obvious benefits of an amazingly relaxing setting, the sand is a great way to practice those poses that require a little more balance. Read on to see our favorite yoga poses to try on the beach; bonus points if it's at sunset. 


Using the soft, pliable surface of the sand is a great way to practice balancing upright, especially when you can dig a small crevice to rest the crown of your head!


Practice this arm balancing posture with a firm grip in the sand, using the strength of your upper body to draw your knees as close into your underarms. 


The sand is great for anchoring your foot in and bringing your other leg to the inner thigh, as it provides leverage for your base of support. Let your tree grow!


Soft surfaces will make holding yourself up much easier, as all your concentration can be drawn to engaging your core, which is the most important part of this important pose.